Griffin Update

April Piano Practice!

October 2011, Life has changed a great deal for Griffin! He skipped grades middle of the year from second to third and now he is in 4th grade. He loves his class and is doing really well - he also advances several more grades for math which gives him even more of a challenge. He still is enjoying chess and is now part of a Lego Robotics team at school. 

We had a great summer, he played soccer, attended a bunch of camps for art, computers, writing and science. We visited the grandparents in Idaho for a week and just enjoyed the great weather.

rock wall


Life is going great for Griffin, he is enjoying 3rd grade and looks forward to the challenges of fourth already.  Chess club and math club are his favorite activities right now - 


The other big event happening for him is a reading program at school. They encourage the students to participate in the Accelerated Reader program and he has worked his way through every level except the last one in one year. His goal is to finish the entire program by end of year - he's very close and should do it - I'm very proud of him. Over the Spring Break holiday, he won an award for reading the most pages in his class/grade. Way to go Griffin! 


March - Well, Griffin is 7 now and we had a fun birthday celebration for him. He wanted to spend the night at a hotel with his best friend Mitchell. They had a great time playing laser tag, bowling and just goofing off! 

Happy Birthday Griffin

Happy 7th Birthday Griffin

He participated in a piano recital in December and as usual did a great job with his performance! Loves his teacher Gigi and is really enjoying his lessons. We see huge improvements this year with his playing...

Griffin and Gigi

Other big news for Griffin is his move from 2nd grade up to 3rd grade. He was doing so well with school and studies that it was decided he would advance a year and spend the rest of the school year with the 3rd grade class at Brookfield. We are super proud of him and he is doing great. 


Griffin will be 7 years old in December, I'm not sure where the time is going! He is in 2nd grade this year at Brookfield School in Reno and is SUPER HAPPY! He is in a great classroom with amazing kids that are challenging him everyday. He has made some great friends and we can't keep up with the play date requests.

In addition to rigorous academics at his school, Griffin loves his art classes, playing piano and the chess club at school. He is also in the Legos/Robotics after school club - what an awesome club!


This is Griffin at the Legos club, they made paper crinklers with little motors. Too Cool!


Griffin was invited to a really fun birthday party at the Reno Equestrian Centre. The kids all got to ride horses and groom them. What a fun afternoon!


Anyway, all is good here. We are all busy and happy! 

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